I have recently given an interview for the position of an associate engineer at Nagarro Gurgaon.

Overall Process was easy, and I’ll guide you through the process. As this process took in May 2021 so because of COVID, all the processes were online.

I applied for a similar position at Nagarro last year for which I gave the exam but failed. So recently a recruiter from Nagarro reached out to me on my email regarding the job position.

There were basically 2 online rounds and 2 rounds of interviews. So initially I was asked to give an Aptitude exam. …

Studying even only for a couple of hours a day may be too much for a lot of people but there are also some who study about 15 hours a day.

It’s about setting the priorities for your goal.

The first thing required for Building a discipline is repetition if you do something every day every week at the same time. You won’t think twice before doing it would build a habit. You would not feel like you are doing something by going out of your way.

If you have school or some other classes, you don’t have to study…

I understood the magic of compounding at a very early age of life. Well, compounding is also referred to as the eighth wonder of the world.

I would like to include an instance of my life of how It came to me.

When I was still in middle school I opened my savings account, although my parents helped me open it as I needed a guardian for the procedure as I was underage since then I managed my own finances lived frugally as I could, and started saving. I really liked how the numbers started adding up and the all…

I have received the offer in August 2020 for the position of Associate Professional at DXC, Bangalore, India. So I’ll be sharing my experience and explaining the path.

As the placement was during the Lockdown due to Corona So all the procedures and rounds were online.

Round 1

This was a coding round which was organized at the platform of Amcat globals. This platform is famous for providing students with certifications to help them approach companies for placements.

The test was 100 mins, it consists of different sections of Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal, and at last Coding.

Each section has…

I have been searching for a standard redundant piece of code that I have to write in each of my C++ programs. While searching I found many, some of them were really good but they had many unnecessary template classes and too many functions which I thought were not of use much.

So after going through them all I created a template for myself. And I am sharing this hoping it would be beneficial to others :

#include <bits/stdc++.h>using namespace std;#define read(type) readInt<type>() // Fast read#define ll long long#define nL "\n"#define pb push_back#define mk…

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Being a data scientist is very exciting and it’s already said as the hottest profession of the decade, but it isn’t just training and running a Machine Learning model. It’s a lot more than that, it consists of many fields including data cleaning, data wrangling, data engineering (though some people may count it as a different profession ), training an ML model (obviously).

There are many compulsory steps which fall under data science before we actually apply the machine learning algorithm in it. These techniques are often used when the data used for the machine learning algorithm is text. …

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This is the case for competitive programming. In competitive, the cin and cout command tends to take more execution time than its counterparts scanf and printf.

The scanf and printf command may usually be used in C language but it tends to perform better and faster than other commands. But the problem which arises with using print is that we have to remember each and keyword for each data type. Such as :

int x = 5;

As in this, for int data type, it ‘d’ for float it is ‘f’ along with the number of decimal places we…

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